Marathon runners handbook

Marathon Runner’s Handbook - Free eBook Download

The Science in Sport 'Marathon Runner's Handbook' is a free PDF eBook with hands-on advice from experienced marathoners. From hand-picking and interviewing 12 accomplished and passionate experts, this eBook contains a broad range of personal and useful advice on training, race day, and post-marathon care.

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Lynn Frieda

Going for the marathon hat-trick

Running the Marathon takes pure dedication, but one Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) supporter is taking that dedication to a different level by aiming to complete her third London Marathon in two weeks time - and raise a 5-figure sum for the ICR at the same time.

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Scott Fraser

World record for 10,000m under threat!

On 26 August 2005 Kenenisa Bekele ran the current World Record for 10,000m. The race, that took place in Brussels, saw Kenenisa pass through the 5k mark in 13:09.19 before slowing slightly from his ~63 second per lap rhythm and then pick it up again to finish with a 57 second lap to set the new record of 26:17.35. A short time later, however, three men from Scotland smashed that record by running 10,000m between them, 200m at a time, to complete 25 laps of the track in 25:50 and this year they are aiming to lower this further in a bid to raise much needed funds for their target of becoming World Champions in the sport of Orienteering.

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