Exercise in the outdoors burns 20 per cent more calories

Short home gym workout to keep you in your prime

Getting to a gym for your strength workis becoming nigh on impossible for some. With many facilities closed, the gym workout has become very challenging. Here we offer you ideas for a home gym workout with some simple exercises that are sure to push you to your limits and all within 30 minutes. This HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit is sure to see you improve your all-round fitness.

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Top tips to support runners experiencing mental health issues

Although we continue to live with restrictions, we can still run with one other person and reap the mental health benefits that are provided by exercise. It is well accepted that exercise supports mental wellbeing and, very often, running with others brings greater advantages. In this article, we have considered information from MIND, a mental health charity, on some of the more common mental health issues with a view to helping Run Leaders and Coaches to support their runners.

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Run Britain

Lesser known ways to promptly return from an injury

As a dedicated runner, you will almost certainly pick up an injury at some point in your life. Unless you're blessed with wonderful biomechanics and amazing genetics, the stresses and strains that an intense training regime puts upon your body will put you at high risk of injury.

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Top tips for running this winter

The nights are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping and in the likelihood that, during this new lockdown, you could be running alone or with just one training partner, we signpost you to our runsafer section for top tips on running in the dark and running alone.

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Run for Alzheimer's Society

Dementia is the UK's biggest killer. By 2021, one million people will be living with dementia. We know we can beat it, but we can't do it alone and you could help by picking your challenge and using your miles. Your energy and your determination can help put an end to dementia.

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Welcome winter running!

Five foods to boost your immune system

As winter is creeping in with shorter days and cooler nights the morning runs can be even more tranquil with a crispy frost beneath your feet as you flow around your routine running routes. On completion refuelling is optimum within the first hour for absorption of nutrients for repair and rebuilding bones, muscles and of course, your immunity system.

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