Real Marathon men

The real marathon men

This is the story of 42 marathon runners who were created as the 'Everpresents' by the London Marathon in 1995 after they ran 15 consecutive Londons.. Now, 33 years later only 15 remain.

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The runbritain rankings system

Less than 99 to go!

We are getting extremely close to the magical 40,000 mark for the number of runners actively using the runbritain handicap scoring system to inform, motivate and monitor their running progress. We are less than 99 away from achieving this huge milestone and are ready to reward runner number 40,000 with a great prize that will provide even more encouragement.

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Mini Mile launch

Dobriskey launches Mini Mile Races

Yesterday's launch for the 2014 ICONIQ Shlurp! Mini Mile Races was held at Varndean School inBrighton,whose most famous son was the 1980 800m Olympic champion and world record holder, Steve Ovett. Photo courtesy of the Argus

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Your skin is waterproof!

Nice weather for running?

Well...not really! With so many runners battling against the wind and rain over the last week, just one week into the new year, your running resolutions may have been tested to the limit.

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