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Looking for a running group to join? #RunTogether is nearby

RunTogether provides fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone: whatever your ability or time availability. These groups believe running / jogging is more fun and easier to become part of your lifestyle when shared with others. Try one of our group runs to find out for yourself. #BetterTogether #RunTogether

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Fruit juice out,dried fruit in for runners 5 a day!

Advice on micronutrients

Whilst Vitimin D will be abundant in the long summer days and vital for our immunity system, other nutrients need to be included to optimise training through quality nutrition.

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Ann-Marie McGlynn Ni record 10k

First road race after lockdown sees fast times and a Northern Ireland record

ChampionChip Ireland, in conjunction with Athletics Northern Ireland, organised the first post lockdown racein the UKwith tremendous results atthe Down Royal Racecourse near Lisburn. Around 400 runners competing across three events - 5km, half marathon and 10km set off in waves of 30 and socially distanced during the six hour plus extended programme of events with no spectators on the course.

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Summer Running

Go easier in warmer temperatures

Whilstmany are working from home with more flexible hours and more opportunity for running,we should also take heed and be wary of training hard in the heat. Here we bring advice on running inhot weather.

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