virtual organiser

Delivery of virtual events

Although we are spending more time at home and notable to run as we would normally, we havethe opportunity to embrace the world of virtual racing and for those that can, to createnew events.

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shadow runner

Weekend virtual 5k updates

With many online challenges availablearound the UK,providingrunners with virtual events to aim for, results are flooding in. Today we look atsome of the best 5k timeswhere Ieuan Thomas, Adam Hickey and Mollie Williamsare leading the way over the virtual 5ks.

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therabody theragun pro

Theragun announce new bluetooth percussive Therabody therapy range

Theragun has always sought toprovide the best natural wellness solutions for everyone with its self-massage tools, to relieve tension in your muscles, and the rebrand cements its position as a tech wellnessbrand driven by science and research. It has now rebranded as Therabody with a great new range of products.

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