WMRA Nations Cup

Weekend update

There were some great international performances on the mountains of Italy and on the track in Pheonix, Arizona that saw a new 1 hour UK record for women with a distance of 17.044 km.

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Bullock Smithy

The positivity that comes from exercising

Have you noticed that on days that you run, you feel more enthusiastic and up-beat than normal? A study reported in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology ( Volume 33 - 6)) found that people who are more physically active report greater levels of excitement and enthusiasm than people who are less physically active.

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2019 London Marathon

Winning your inner mind games for best performances

What do you think about whilst you are running? Do you plan what you are going to make for dinner or solve a few problems that have cropped up at work? Getting the best from yourself can be a simple case of winning your inner mind games!

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