The Virtual Wild One

Participant's can complete the marathon over the month as a solo, pair or team of 5. They need to pick route/s to complete their distance safely . They can complete the mileage however they wish so 26 x 1 mile routes is fine. The limit is a team of 5 so sits within the guidelines of groups, but can also do their laps on their own to. They will need to send proof of their mileage to the race director ready for their medals to be sent out. We have not set an age limit as we have specified as long as the child is accompanied (and we would suggest only do say a mile a day) then they can complete the event too.


  • Course address Virtual
  • Venue facilities: N/A



  • Race Title: The Virtual Wild One
  • Race Date:
  • Licence Status: Unmeasured Road Race
  • Distance: 26.2 miles
  • Expected Entrants:200
  • No of Entrants Previously:0
  • Minimum Age: 5
  • Profile:
  • Water stations:No
  • Awards/mementos: Yes
  • Distance markers:
  • Course Address: Virtual

Entry Fees

  • Adult Fun Run £10.00
  • Child Fun Run £10.00