Virtual - Notfast Summer Solstice - Notfast Summer Solstice

A ‘just for fun’ 10k to replace the hole left in the racing calendar from the cancellation of the ever-popular GRC, Summer Solstice. It’s open to any current member of Notfast. When can I run my 10k? You can run your 10k at any time between: Start time: 00.01am Friday 19 June 2020 End time: 23.59pm Sunday 21 June 2020 Where can I run my 10k? You can run your 10k wherever you like except on the actual GRC Summer Solstice route. Anyone using any part of this route will automatically be disqualified from the competition. Running, jogging or walking can take place on road, trail, mixed terrain, or a treadmill to complete your 10k. Can I run with other members of Notfast? Absolutely! But, please try and stick to the Government guidelines (a link can be found below), always stay 2 metres from your running buddies. If there are more than 5 of you running please do not wear Notfast tops to avoid upsetting any members of the public and trying to avoid any negative comments about our club or our members. How do I submit my time? A strava group has been set up, please click this link to join: This will make it simple and straight forward for processing results, you literally don’t have to do anything other than clearly label your run with this format (SS2020 - Time). This way, if you run more than 1 x 10k I will know which time you are officially submitting. If you aren’t on strava please don’t worry, just post your time to the Notfast results page or email: The race categories Although it’s just for fun, we are also adding in a handicap and age-grading system to encourage and celebrate personal achievement where possible. • Fastest (age-graded) male (based on current age) • Fastest (age-graded) female (based on current age) • Fastest handicap* male (based on 3yr PB) • Fastest handicap* female (based on 3yr PB) The rules: 1. You can run as many 10k as you like between this time period but please only submit one time. 2. The run must start after the above-stated start time and be completed before the above-stated end time. 3. Your submitted run on strava must be clearly labeled with this format (SS2020 - Time) to be included. 4. The run must be logged on a watch (or treadmill) with the screenshot of the results emailed to or shared on the Facebook results page or strava group. 5. All results must be submitted by 9am Monday 22 June 2020 to be included. 6. You must not use any part of the actual GRC Summer Solstice route. 7. Please ensure you keep to the Government Social Distancing Guidelines, latest guidelines can be found here: 8. If you want to take part, please register here: 9. If your run is to take part on open roads, please adhere to the highway code and where possible run on the right towards oncoming traffic. 10. Take extra care when overtaking and passing to be at or more than 2 metres distance. Give priority to pedestrians and people using public places. 11. Please pick a familiar route and assess its suitability for the proposed training. Avoid known popular public areas and consider what time of day to do the session. 12. All runners must stay 2 metres from each other and should take hydration as required and do not share water bottles or have any contact with anyone else unless they share the same household with you. 13. Please consider taking a mobile phone. Also, inform someone where you are going and check in with them on your return. 14. If you don’t already have an ICE tag on your shoes, consider carrying an ICE (in case of emergency) card with your details on. 15. Stay safe and stay alert at all times! 16. Good luck!


  • Course address Virtual
  • Venue facilities: N/A


  • Race Title: Notfast Summer Solstice
  • Race Date:
  • Licence Status: Unmeasured Road Race
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Expected Entrants:60
  • No of Entrants Previously:0
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Profile:
  • Water stations:No
  • Awards/mementos: No
  • Distance markers:
  • Course Address: Virtual

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