Beds AAA Virtual 10k - Beds AAA 10k

The event takes place from 13 June to 19 July. Entrants are invited to enter and run the Beds AAA 10K course in Bedford that has been used annually for the past 3 years. The course starts and finishes at Bedford Priory Park and is entirely traffic free on metalled cycle ways. The course heads out east to the Willington loop and back. Entrants will be advised to avoid popular times as the route is often used by walkers, cyclists and other runners training. Social distancing guidance must be followed at all times. A map and detailed information for the 10k course will be posted on the Bedfordshire AAA website ( Entrant's results should be sent to the race organiser with a link to their Strava recording.


  • Course address Virtual
  • Venue facilities: N/A



  • Race Title: Beds AAA 10k
  • Race Date:
  • Licence Status: Unmeasured Road Race
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Expected Entrants:50
  • No of Entrants Previously:0
  • Minimum Age: 15
  • Profile:
  • Water stations:No
  • Awards/mementos: Yes
  • Distance markers:
  • Course Address: Virtual

Entry Fees