Virtual Winter Mob Match Competition

"This event is for running clubs & groups. Clubs are entered into groups of similar size (bands) and drawn against each other in matches - there will be up to 3 group matches, a semi final and a final for each band. Each match involves club/group members running a virtual 5km and recording their time. The times are scored with all runners (up to the band limit) scoring points and the team with the highest score winning the match. We ran a similar competition in the summer which was very sucessful - this time we have also introduced the Mob Match Warrior competition where clubs of any size entered into Mob Match can nominate 20 runners (10 male, 10 female) to compete in a separate knockout competition."


  • Course address Virtual
  • Venue facilities: N/A



  • Race Title: Virtual Winter Mob Match Competition
  • Race Date:
  • Licence Status: Unmeasured Road Race
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Expected Entrants:64
  • No of Entrants Previously:0
  • Minimum Age: 11
  • Profile:
  • Water stations:No
  • Awards/mementos: Yes
  • Distance markers:
  • Course Address: Virtual

Entry Fees

  • Adult Fun Run £30.00
  • Child Fun Run £30.00