Virtual - Personal Bash - Personal Bash

The event is based on Brooksie's Bash Trail Race which has taken place as a physical race every year since 2016. It is a virtual event, replacing the cancelled race. It is held on a course of just over 10 miles in the South Derbyshire countryside, on the footpaths and bridleways. Participants have the option to run a slightly modified version of the race route (which avoids some private land usually used near the start/finish), or plan their own route of equivalent distance. Attempts can be made any time between the 12th June and 11th July, with results being collated and published on 12th July 2020 - which would have been the date of the race.


  • Course address Virtual
    South Derbyshire
  • Venue facilities: N/A



  • Race Title: Personal Bash
  • Race Date:
  • Licence Status: Unmeasured Road Race
  • Distance: 10.2 miles
  • Expected Entrants:250
  • No of Entrants Previously:0
  • Minimum Age: 17
  • Profile:
  • Water stations:No
  • Awards/mementos: Yes
  • Distance markers:
  • Course Address: Virtual
    South Derbyshire

Entry Fees

  • Adult Affiliated £15.00
  • Adult Unaffiliated £15.00