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Enjoy the journey

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The Belfast City Marathon was scheduled to take place this Sunday. For those that had been targeting the event, training plans and sessions will have changed and each will be coping with these changes in their own way. Eoghan Totten (handicap -4.4) is part of the Marathon Potential 2024 programme run by Athletics Northern ireland and supported by the Belfast City Marathon.  Here he writes to those who were due to run in Belfast and reminds us that "we runners are resilient".

A guide to flying with a disability

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While most of us regularly fly with minimal inconvenience it can be more challenging if you have a disability. Tyra Sullivan has shared with us some links and advice that may be useful, especially if we know of someone with a  disability about to embark on a flight.

Are you getting enough Sleep for your fitness progressions?

When you push yourself to accomplish something, for instance, run a race, it may seem very simple to sacrifice a few hours of sleep so you could squeeze in some exercise. In that case, you are  one of the 37% of people in the UK  who report getting less than the adequate amount of sleep at night. However, you may not be aware that not catching those forty winks does more harm than good, especially if you are keen on getting in shape.