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Resistance training in the snow

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Hey - it's snowing again and who doesn't love snow?! Winter isn't how winter is supposed to be if there isn't any snow. To my mind, there is nothing worse than dark, dank, winter days that make you feel dark, dank and uninspired but snow makes winter worth it. Don't you think?

parkrunning down under

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I've been lucky to escape some of the British winter and spend three weeks down under! I'm back in shorts and singlet, running early in the morning to miss the heat of the day and have also taken part in two parkruns - one in Hamilton, New Zealand and one in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you have enough energy to run?

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It can be a tricky balancing act to get the intake of energy and energy expenditure equation right. Just how do you go about working it out? Is it trial and error? Is there a mathematical formula? Surely it's not as simple as putting fuel in and then burning it up?