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Getting Started: The best running apps for beginners

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One of the hardest things about running is making the decision to lace up your trainers and hit the road. Once you’ve found the motivation to get started, you’ll quickly find yourself looking forward to your next run and wanting to become faster, run longer, and tracking your process so you can see how quickly you jump on board the road to success. You just need to get started: and the wonder of modern technology has given us a few tools to make the process much easier.

Running - A 'Positive Addiction'?

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If you’ve spent some time immersed in the society of runners, you’ve probably come across a few redemption narratives. Many people have reached a crisis point in their lives, laced up their running boots, and found their lives changing as a consequence. People struggling with obesity and substance abuse are particularly prominent within the world of ‘redemption-running’, and many will tell you that the act of running is a positive ‘replacement’ for their former addictions to food or/and substances. This has not failed to grasp the interest of the scientific community. With increasing numbers of men suffering from ‘Bigorexia’, which many link to an apparent ‘addiction’ to exercise, many researchers are intrigued by running’s apparent potential to save those with addiction issues. Can running really be ‘addictive’? And can an ‘addiction’ to running really ‘replace’ an addiction to less healthy things?