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Running - A 'Positive Addiction'?

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If you’ve spent some time immersed in the society of runners, you’ve probably come across a few redemption narratives. Many people have reached a crisis point in their lives, laced up their running boots, and found their lives changing as a consequence. People struggling with obesity and substance abuse are particularly prominent within the world of ‘redemption-running’, and many will tell you that the act of running is a positive ‘replacement’ for their former addictions to food or/and substances. This has not failed to grasp the interest of the scientific community. With increasing numbers of men suffering from ‘Bigorexia’, which many link to an apparent ‘addiction’ to exercise, many researchers are intrigued by running’s apparent potential to save those with addiction issues. Can running really be ‘addictive’? And can an ‘addiction’ to running really ‘replace’ an addiction to less healthy things?

My running is missing the Olympics!

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It's been a week now since the Olympic closing ceremony and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. The news and television has gone back to the doom and gloom of all that is bad in the world and, as a result, I swear I've lost a bit of the spring in my step in my training sessions. Can that really be the case? Does watching our Olympic superstars perform and get the very best out of themselves inspire me to do the same?

A breath of fresh air for grassroots running in China

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Beijing is frequently in the news – for all the wrong reasons – when it comes to air quality writes Orlando Edwards, GB Mountain Runner and member of Team Inov-8.

So, as you can imagine, moving to live here from the UK has proven tough, so much so that I’ve often felt like hanging up my racing shoes. Recently the Chinese government issued a Red Alert owing to the thick smog engulfing Beijing. Yes, it’s that bad. The city where I live, Wuhan, doesn’t fare much better in the clean air stakes.