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Oxygen Rich Air

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Is there any better time of year than early May for woodland running? The senses are bombarded with stimulants and running feels good. It may also have something to do with the quality of the air.

Finlay Wild - effortless running

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There's running and there's running and then, there is also running. Well, when you ask most runners what they are training for, it is normally a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a marathon and, of course, these are exciting targets and require effort in terms of determination, fitness and running skill but there is also the sort of running that demands extreme versions of all of that. 

‘Ordinary Runners’ by Neville Stocks - A book review

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Do you have a bucket list of races that you hope to do before you retire? If you only did one ultra-distance race and only race in Africa once, surely it would be the Comrades Marathon – a classic 56 mile race alternating between Durban and Pietermaritzberg in South Africa and attracting 10-15,000 starters from around the world every June? It’s approaching its centenary running and is swathed in traditions - a cockerel crowing at the start; different colour medals for different finishing times; different colour bibs  for the number of times runners have completed it; qualifying times required to be entered and a strict 12 hour (previously 11 hour) cut off at the finish.

For the record

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We began the process of reviewing and updating the runbritain licensed standards and 2016 road race handbook at our Technical meeting on 9th September last year. The date was particularly poignant because, as Roland Gibbard of BARR pointed out, it was five years to the day since Bill Reynolds passed away.