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The 2021 Three Halls of Stockport virtual event

Crazy Legs Events have been promoting events over the last few years and in 2020, whilst it hasn't been possible to stage physical ones moved with a more virtual bias. The popular Three Halls of Stockport event was given the virtual treatment on the usual weekend at the beginning of January.

The Bullock Smithy 56 fuelled by Ei8ht Oxygen Drink

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Last week I went for a 56 mile run, writes Jackie Newton (handicap 13.1) . It feels good to write that - I’ve never run 56 miles before. I attempted it once before and failed and I’ve talked about doing it several times but not had the confidence – and I’ve taken my fair share of ‘ribbing’ from training partners who have conquered it and thought it was about time I did too!

Getting in the Zone and Managing Anxiety

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Previous articles covered by Nick Bishop include: A Positive Mental Attitude, Conditioning, Our Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind, Affirmations, Goals, and The Characteristics of “High Performing Athletes”. From reading these articles you will recognise that while we train our bodies, we should also focus on the mind. Once we are mentally prepared using the tools and techniques from previous articles, there are just two things that remain, Getting into the zone come race day and making sure that you correctly handle your anxiety.

Common Characteristics of High Performing Athletes

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Recently previous articles have covered: A positive mental attitude, Conditioning, Our Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind, Affirmations and Goals. You should by now have recognised that while we train our bodies, we should also focus on the mind. This article highlights the key characteristics of “High Performing Athletes”.