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Are you getting enough Sleep for your fitness progressions?

When you push yourself to accomplish something, for instance, run a race, it may seem very simple to sacrifice a few hours of sleep so you could squeeze in some exercise. In that case, you are  one of the 37% of people in the UK  who report getting less than the adequate amount of sleep at night. However, you may not be aware that not catching those forty winks does more harm than good, especially if you are keen on getting in shape.

Operation Smile Ambassador set to be the first Welshman to complete the Moab 240 ultra marathon but why?

On the 11th October 2019, Scott Jenkins will be the second ever British person and first Welshman, to line up 4000ft above sea level, at what will be marked as the starting line for the Moab 240. The Moab 240 is a grueling 240 mile footrace through the Moab desert in Utah. It has an exceptionally high elevation gain for the course of 29,467ft. To put that into content, the elevation gain is the equivalent of hiking Everest.

SIXPAD Training Tights review

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Leading Japanese beauty and wellness technology company, MTG, place themselves at the forefront of athletic training gear, which is "designed to optimise the training of our customers” as stated by the Director of MTG, Masafumi Arakawa.