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Training on the dunes

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Every now and again you do a session that gives you the feel-good factor like no other. Today I had one of those sessions and considering that the weather was horrid, I didn't expect it to be so uplifting.

Results De-Mystified (2)

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The results, which are archived within runbritainrankings, are exactly the same as those produced by the organisers of each race. These come in many different formats – some of which are more compatible with our database than others. We only include race results for events which hold a UKA licence or TRA permit. A full list of licensed races can be found at /races (There's a past races archive button on the left for looking up older races).

Running the six marathon majors in sub-three

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Steve Jones (handicap 7.2), at 53 years of age, has run all six marathon majors in under three hours:

2010 - London - 2:49:59

2010 - New York City Marathon - 2:57:13

2012 - Berlin - 2:53:55

2013 - Boston - 2:56:42

2014 - Chicago - 2:56:10

2016 - Tokyo - 2:55:46

Hayfever season

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Hay fever season has arrived and, although the rain is dampening it down somewhat, when it dries up, many of us will suffer with some of the common symptoms of blocked or runny nose, sneezing, runny eyes or even just fatigue. It can also be associated with worsening of asthma symptoms. Here we provide information and advice from the Chief Medical Officer at British Athletics, Dr. Robin Chakraverty.

500kms to change my life

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When life loses you, you need to find yourself to keep going.
I had lost myself. I did not know who I was or where I wanted to go writes Biba Lylie.