500kms to change my life


When life loses you, you need to find yourself to keep going.
I had lost myself. I did not know who I was or where I wanted to go writes Biba Lylie.

I then decided I had to do something crazy, something that would show me what I was made of. This is when my crazy challenge was born, running 500km from Paris to London..... a 500km run to find myself, to discover who I was and who I wanted to be. To push myself beyond mental and physical limits.... to see what I could become and what I could accomplish.

Hit the road, run, push my body beyond its limits and prove myself that my mind was stronger than my body.....

The idea of including children foundations became obvious. “Imagine For Margo” was the first to be part of the challenge. An encounter that would change my life forever....

I had the honour of being invited to their annual conference for specific research against childhood cancers. That day, I listened to researchers, physicians, foundations ...... people who, at their own level, try to change the world and make it better for our children.

Coming out of this conference I had a revelation: I was going to help these people who are fighting for a better world!

I had that feeling that i was there for a reason: to put my skills to the service of those who are fighting and trying to change the world and heal our children!

That day I had found myself .......i wanted to be part of those who want to build a world where children do not die of cancer.

This is how my professional project was born: Lya Samé Consulting: A communication agency dedicated to children charities. An agency that will include the presence of a foundation in every professional event

Everything became obvious: I would run this crazy challenge to build a new 'me'
I am an ordinary woman who wants to write an extraordinary story

Thursday 5 of May, as planned, here I am at the starting line , with a crew of three people ( a nurse and two physiologists on bikes ).

At the end of the second day, a team member (the only man) gave up and left.

The third day was going to be quite difficult for our logistics.

The three of us, three women, still tried to keep going...... but missing one person made it really hard to carry on.

I realised that my adventure was kind of stolen from me!

I had then to find a solution to save my challenge no matter what.

The evening of the third day I decided to bring back the team to Paris and finish for the remaining steps there.

The adventure was over.... but the challenge of 500km had to be saved.

From the fourth day, every morning I went to my run my ultra marathon through Paris and each and every day brought me closer to my goal.

Thanks to the support of Paula Radcliffe and all my family ...... this challenge survived..... and in Paris or in London .... 500km remains 500km!

I had to keep this fighting spirit. I knew that going through so many struggles to keep going, I would never be the same.

On May 14, I crossed the finish line....the new finish line on the front of Notre Dames where family, friends and members of the foundation were waiting for me.

Here i was finishing my running challenge tendon was dead, my fatigue was extreme but my pride was just unbelievable! I had found a woman of an incredible strength. The feeling of becoming a super hero

The real super power is to give yourself the necessary strength to go after your goals whatever happens and make your dreams come true.

Having the incredible support of the greatest athlete in the world, Paula Radcliffe, was an additional force. The respect and encouragement she gave me made me even prouder. Because of the return to Paris to finish and all the logistic struggles, i finished my running challenge with 445km....not quite the goal I had but very PROUD !

Thanks to this challenge I became an ordinary woman who is writing an extraordinary life

A massive “Thank you” to Paula Radclife, Stéphane Diagana, Jean Baptiste Fernandez, David Reyrat and all runners of the world for their support... and especially the British runners ! Thank you


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