How was your Christmas Day run?

Christmas Day run

My Christmas Day run was one of the best of the whole year. For a start, the weather was positively balmy. (I'm so glad that I got out when I did as it's raining cats and dogs now!)

The warm temperatures also gave me chance to show off my new Christmas running jumper that isn't a jumper at all and is, actually, an Australian 'rashie' popular with surfers down-under. I found it whilst out in Oz for the World Master's Championships and couldn't resist buying it as a new running garment for  Christmas. I bet you're all very jealous aren't you?!

I timed the run well too - setting off at 10am for around 90 minutes meant I was back in time for Christmas lunch (that thankfully I hadn't had to prepare) and had worked up a good appetite. I took the opportunity to run in my favourite place, over my favourite terrain, up in the hills and across the moors. Well why not on Christmas Day? A present to myself to do what I really love doing and in a place that I love to be. Another bonus was that it took me next to no time to get to my starting point with less trafffic on the roads and there were plenty of parking spaces when I got there!

Although the weather was mild, it was pretty windy and wild and that somehow made me feel more energetic. There was hardly a soul about but those that were were also in high Christmas spirits and good wishes were exchanged. It was positively uplifting.

Just wondering where you ran today? Although I chose to be out in the sticks and away from the madding crowds, there were plenty of organised runs such as parkrun on offer. I would love to hear about your Christmas Day run and see a picture of your Christmas Day attire!