Loving Liverpool


Yesterday was one of the most important dates on the cross country calendar for so many. Not only was it the trial for the European Championships for the high-performing athletes but it also incorporated the Mid Lancs League and the Liverpool and District League for club runners and all of the Primary Schools in Liverpool received a letter inviting them to take their young runners and introduce them to cross country.

Where would you find such a tremendous opportunity to introduce new runners to our fabulous sport? The first four across the line in the  senior men's race all competed in the Rio Olympics in the summer. How good is that?!

In fact, all of the races were thrilling to watch with some exciting finishes and displays of athleticism.

Everyone who was there had the opportunity to watch the best of the best working with pure determination as they tackled the course and raced their competitors. Watching the races live and being up close and personal gives you a better perspective of the speed and pace of the athletes and, in addition, the course is designed in such a way that you can sprint from point to point and see the runners at least three times on each lap and all of this adds to the exhilaration. It wasn't only about the fast runners at the front of the field, though, and there was plenty of admiration for those further back most of whom looked like they were loving everything about it - even the foggy conditions - as they worked their way over the course.

The commentators did a cracking job too, keeping us all informed of who was who and during the quieter moments playing up-beat music that kept the energy high.

What an introduction to cross country for the younger generation. I'm sure many will have gone home with thoughts of what they may achieve in the future after being a part of such a great event and being up close and personal with such fabulous role models.

This is such a great sport!