SIXPAD Training Tights review

SIXPAD training tights

Leading Japanese beauty and wellness technology company, MTG, place themselves at the forefront of athletic training gear, which is "designed to optimise the training of our customers” as stated by the Director of MTG, Masafumi Arakawa. 

MTG gave me the opportunity to try out their SIXPAD Training Tights, which are made from a technical fabric that resists movement, offering an additional training effect.

When wearing the tights around the house and for relatively easier movements, the feel was comparable to other running tights although the firm glove-like adhesion was noticeable, and it is worth remembering to leave your socks on when first wearing the SIXPAD tights as it eases the fluidity of fitting them on.

When running in the tights, I enjoyed the firmer fit. The resistance that they provided was particularly conspicuous during hill and step sessions, but the benefit was obvious to me when I repeated the sessions later in the week. Iexperienced a feeling of lighter legs and easier leg movement.

SIXPAD state that the resistance offered to the legs whilst bending and moving helps to effectively train the muscles and I would agree. This is possible through the flexibility of the fabric used for the SIXPAD Training Tights, which are designed to continuously apply moderate resistance against the actions of the muscles.

"When wearing the SIXPAD Training Tights, the muscle activity level of the hamstring muscles is increased by about 1.3 times when compared to not wearing the tights. The high-power zone, which wraps in a spiral around the entire leg,gently grips the area around the knee joint.  By applying resistance to the bending of the knee, the tights help to exercise the hamstring muscles on the backs of the thighs.  The tights also feature a soft compression and shaping function when worn that helps create a toned and rounded hipline. Aside from during exercise, the tights are hardly noticeable and canbe worn under regular clothing whether that be in the office or while out and about."


In terms of the tights, they offer both regular length and high-waisted versions too, to keep everybody happy!


SIXPAD is available for purchase at or at their flagship store in Westfield White City.