Dryrobe, keeping us warm whatever the weather and allowing us the privacy to change our kit too

Jon Albon

As the makers claim, "Get dry, cover up and stay warm with dryrobe. You don't know how much you need a dryrobe until you have one." 

Since I’ve had this keep-warm and get-changed innovation, it’s been a go-to garment whenever heading to outdoor running events. The UK weather is forever changing and with frosty mornings stretching into April, it will be around a while longer writes Bashir Hussain.

As both a coach and a runner, I am often out in the hills or at the track doing sessions in all weather so being warm is a key comfort and necessity. From coaching 26 minutes of hill repetitions in the mountains over the weekend to then coping with sleet on the track last Thursday, I was the envy of many of my athletes  and also my sodden coaching colleagues.  Let's face it - who hasn't been challenged at a cross country event, surrounded by other runners but with no changing rooms, to get your wet kit off and your dry clothes on before doing your cool-down or jumping in the car to drive home?

Both pre-race and post-race, the dryrobe has proved invaluable for maintaining body temperature and allowing full privacy whilst changing wet and mucky kit without the need for a changing room. The two-way zips allow fast, easy entry and exit with the ability to operate from either inside or outside of the dryrobe. It reminds me somewhat of the beach robe I had as a child but with far more thought and attention to need and comfort!

It keeps out the wind and helps warm the body by trapping air within the faux lambswool lining. The waterproof fabric makes sitting on plastic seats comfortable, without getting a damp derriere in the process! Additionally, the lined zipped pockets combined with a specially designed phone/wallet pocket ensure that water has no sneaky seams through which it may seep. 

The sizing is flexible as it’s designed to be loose to allow ample room for speedy pre and post event changing. The sleeves are wide to allow you to get your arms inside the main body without struggling, whatever the weather outside of the dryrobe!

Whatever you’re doing, from camping trips, to spectating or performing at sporting events, it's a resounding yes from this experience! #dryrobeterritory

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Jon Albon pictured above in his @dryrobe,  after one of his many successes.