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Marie Curie

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Our nurses provide free hands-on care and support to people with terminal illnesses

Here at Marie Curie we believe that every day of your life matters – from the first to the last. Making the most of every moment is important; whether that’s pushing yourself to complete an incredible challenge or taking time to care for a loved one.

Marie Curie Nurses work night and day, in people’s own homes across the UK, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support.

So whether it’s terminal cancer or any other illness, we want people to be able to get the most from the time they have left.  And we need to do more, for more of the people who need us, than we ever have before. And we urgently need your support to make that possible.
We know that every mile matters when you’re running with Team Marie Curie. And every hour matters when you’re living with a terminal illness.
Every £20 you raise can help provide an hour of care for someone living with a terminal illness.