Cheshire Cross Country Champs 2014 - Cheshire Cross Country Champs

Cheshire County Cross Country Champs 2014.

The official advertised closing date was Saturday 28th December.
However, entries have been kept open for a few more days at a cost of £5.00 per person.

It could save you a lot a time !!

1) Where possible, batch up entries and make a single payment please. The system lets you save entries, and add more and submit them at a later date ( - to do this, you need to register with the system first).
2) The runbritain insists on various fields being entered, such as address etc. However, for club entries we do not require this detail, so just enter anything
3) Select the UNATTACHED option, otherwise it will ask you for (and validate) your registration number.
4) select your club from the dropdown box. If your club isn't listed, type it in the next box.
5) Ignore the "expected time" question.
6) Ignore the charity section at the bottom (unless you really do want to donate)
7) Entry costs £3.50 per person. There is no extra fee payable by you for paying by card. However, there is a card payment fee paid by the County. This fee is dependent on the amount of the transaction and the card used. In general, it is cheaper for the county is entries are batched up and paid for all together. If paying for one, two or three entries, it is cheaper for the county if you pay by credit card; whereas for four or more entries it is cheaper by debit card.

Please note - once you pay, the only confirmation you will receive is from Worldpay. Once entries are closed (ie some time after 28th Dec), a complete list of entries will appear on , along with other relevant details (eg travel directions, course details etc).

Any problems, contact

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