2014 road running series announced

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British Athletics has today announced the finalised list of races that will make up the runbritain Grand Prix and both the British and English Championships in 2014. 10 different races will make up the three series, spanning the length and breadth of the British Isles and taking place across the full calendar year.

Following on from 2013, the runbritain Grand Prix will see each athlete’s best four races of the six race series count, with £60,000 in individual and team prize money available to British athletes across the series.

As was the case last year, the 2014 runbritain series will kick off at the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon, which will take place on Sunday 2 March, and will be followed by the Bristol 10k on 11 May with the Bupa London 10,000 two weeks later, the race where Mo Farah (handicap MINUS 6.5) ran the quickest 10k time by a Briton in 2013. The series will then head to the track for the inaugural British Milers Club Festival of 10,000m at Stretford on Saturday 6 September before finishing off with series regulars, the Cardiff Half Marathon and the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash, on October 5 and November 16 respectively.


The British Championships encompasses an unprecedented range of distances, bookended by the Bupa Westminister Mile on Sunday 25 May and the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 13 April. Further championships will be held at the Cardiff Half Marathon and the Bupa London 10,000, whilst the Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon will showcase the age groups championships.


The English Championships are also highlighted by the Virgin Money London Marathon with further championships over 10k, 10 miles and half marathon taking place throughout the year.

runbritain Grand Prix

Mizuno Reading Half Marathon               Reading                        Sunday 2 March
Bristol 10k                                            Bristol                           Sunday 11 May
Bupa London 10,000                             London                         Sunday 25 May
British Milers Club Festival of 10,000m   Stretford                       Saturday 6 September
Cardiff Half Marathon                            Cardiff                          Sunday  5 October
Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash                   Leeds                           Sunday 16 November

British Championships

Mile                              Bupa Westminster Mile                          London             Saturday 24 May
Age groups  (3m)          Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon        London             Sunday 13 April
10k                               Bupa London 10,000                             London             Sunday 25 May
Half Marathon               Cardiff Half Marathon                            Cardiff              Sunday  5 October
Marathon                      Virgin Money London Marathon              London             Sunday 13 April

English Championships

10k                               Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash                   Leeds               Sunday 16 November
10 miles                        Bupa Great South Run                           Portsmouth       Sunday 26 October
Half Marathon               Mizuno Reading Half Marathon               Reading            Sunday 2 March
Marathon                      Virgin Money London Marathon              London             Sunday 13 April

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