2018 World Marathon Challenge launches in October - Enter your teams!

Road Relays

The 2018 World Marathon Challenge launches next week - join hundreds of other runners around the world by taking part in the World Marathon Challenge, a relay event where teams of 26-36 runners try to break the world marathon record.

Each team competes at their own venue where team members take turns running 200 metre legs until the full 26.2 mile distance is completed.

This year, teams can be entered into one of two age categories; Juniors (13 and under), and Any Age (adults can take part too!).

The main World Marathon Challenge competition is for mixed teams made up of equal numbers of boys and girls from the same school, in the Junior category.  There are additional competition categories for single gender teams, non-school teams and teams of older runners.  Younger children can take part in the World 5000m Challenge - a relay event in which teams are challenged to beat the 5000m world record.

Entry is free and times can be logged from 2nd October - the results from around the world are entered on the race website: www.competitioncentre.net

The Finals week will be on 11th to 15th June 2018 but teams can compete and enter their time at any point between 2nd October and 15th June.