261 Fearless Inc. launches new global webinar series

Kathrine Switzer at Boston Start Copyright

In the current era of uncertainty, this empowering non-profit organisation offers real life solutions and stories with ‘261 Fearless Forward’. The 261 Fearless, Inc. organisation is now making their team of global experts available for speaking out on a variety of important topics to help women with a unique webinar series format entitled ‘261 Fearless Forward’.

Through a series of six webinars, proven techniques from experts and inspirational stories from the global 261 Fearless community will demonstrate how women have overcome adversity, transformed their lives and their health and found fearlessness through community, education and physical activity. Listeners will be advised, activated and empowered to break their bonds of fearfulness by completing the series.
Among the team of expert speakers is Boston breakthrough runner, Kathrine Switzer who fought her way to be the first female runner at the Boston Marathon. The iconic athlete, author, Emmy-winning broadcaster and Board Chair of 261 Fearless, Inc. “Now more than ever, we need to find creative and positive solutions to a world that is changing before our eyes,” she says. “We can give up or we can embrace this as an opportunity to make significant change in ourselves and society.  My whole life has been about finding the positive outcome in the negative situation.  Women just need the empowerment and education to know how to do it, and our 261 Fearless team aims to give them the resources to do just that in these webinars.”
The 261 Fearless Forward Webinar Series – called a Wom-inar Series--begins on October 26, followed by four more recorded one hour sessions, and completed with the final session, a celebratory open live session on March 7, 2021, the eve of International Women’s Day.
The series will be hosted by the popular sports television presenter Caroline De Moraes from media leaders at the BBC, RedBull TV, BT Sport and Eurosport.
The first Wom-inar in the series is titled ‘Fearless in the Face of Adversity’ where the full expert team will make an in-depth exploration into the topic of fear. From learning what fear is, what it is not and how we can harness it for good, only then can we accept fear as a positive emotion and vehicle for change. The speakers will share their personal journeys from fear to success and set the scene for the subsequent Wom-inar webinars:
Wom-inar 2, Nov.16, 2020:  The First Fearless Step.
How simple movement can transform your life.
Wom-inar 3,Dec.7, 2020: --A Healthy Life is a Fearless Life.
Why putting health at the top of your to-do list is essential to controlling your life.
Wom-inar 4, Jan.11, 2021:  Community over Competition.
Why be fearful? You are not alone out there: we‘ve got your back.
Wom-inar 5, Feb.15, 2021: Education: Key to Fempowerment.
How constant learning is the passport to your fearless future.
Wom-inar 6, March 7, 2021: 261 Fearless Forward Live Forum.
The free flowing platform for your fearless questions!

Each Wom-inar webinar is designed as a standalone with take home and action points to help women make positive changes in their lives, but women are encouraged to attend the complete series and make the full fear- to - fearless journey. Those who do so will be rewarded with a special gift, a brass cuff bracelet from Fair Anita. Each participant will be given a certificate of attendance for each webinar attended.
Registration costs and details are via the links below:

“Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to join and take your steps to fearlessness with us,” said Edith Zuschmann, CEO of 261 Fearless Inc, who herself will be speaking during the Wom-inar series. “Moving alone is quite frightening. We want to help take over this responsibility by sharing our expertise and experiences to inspire every single woman to take the first fearless step.”
Registration: 261fearless.org/wominar

About 261 Fearless Inc

This global non-profit unites women around the world to gain personal empowerment and good health through running. We use running as a vehicle to empower and unite women through education programs and the creation of women’s only local running clubs. Through these opportunities, 261 Fearless Inc. breaks down barriers such as:  geography and isolation, misconceptions about running and physical activity, and lack of opportunity. 261 Fearless Inc. creates a global, social running network for women of all abilities and backgrounds to support and communicate with each other, encouraging healthy living and a positive sense of self- esteem and fearlessness. Currently, there are 261 Clubs in 12 countries on 5 continents.