300,000 handicap scores recorded

The runbritain rankings system

Have you raced this weekend? If the race, that you took part in, was licensed by UKA, Athletics Northern Ireland, Scottish Athletics or Welsh Athletics then we have a handicap score for you!

In fact, we now have over 300,000 runners' handicap scores and are looking to have all of them claimed so that more runners can benefit from the runbritain handicap scoring system.

Runners of all standards having been claiming their free runbritain handicap scores and runner biog pages at the rate of 1,000 per calendar month, since the scheme was first launched in autumn 2010.

Your profile page features, amongst other things:

* personal progress graph
* direct comparisons with other runners with a 'head-to-head' function
* weekly mileage logger and graph
* current rankings by gender, age group and postcode

The scheme also includes National Ladder positions for runners at all distances. There are 174,000 ranking places.

The scores automatically update each time you run in a runbritain licensed event and so your progress graph will look different after this weekend's race than it did on Friday (if you raced this weekend!)

We are now way past 39,000 claimants and are eagerly awaiting hitting the 40,000 mark. We have an adidas miCoach ready to send to number 40,000 in celebration of passing that mark.

Don't miss out!

To claim yours click here.

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