60,000th handicap sure thing this weekend!

The runbritain rankings system

We have passed the 59,900 mark and so the 60,000th handicap claimant is sure to register this weekend and will be rewarded with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor!

The runbritain hanidcap scoring system was launched just over five years ago and each year there has been an average of almost 10,000 signing up to the system that tracks race and parkrun performances and gives every runner in the UK a handicap score that reflects fitness and commitment levels.

The number of sign-ups per year show a peak of 13,264 in 2012. With six more racing weekends to complete this year, we have almost hit 10,000 for 2015 and are very close to a total of 60,000 since we began. The year-on-year figures are:

2010 - 7935
2011 - 8273
2012 - 13264
2013 - 10173

2014 - 10355

Are you racing this weekend? If you haven't already done so, make sure you claim your handicap score. You may be the 60,000th person to do so and could win a Polar Heart Rate Monitor!

Some of the benefits of the runbritain handicap scoring system:

  1. It’s a unique handicap system for running. Just like golf you get a handicap from 0.0 – 36.0 giving runners of all abilities the chance to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of terrains and distances. The score automatically updates each time you race (once you have claimed) and rewards regular racing as well as automatically factoring in a degree of difficulty on races that are multi-terrain, hilly or windy.
  2. You can be a part of the Reward Runnning competition. This competition, sponsored by Polar, rewards runners who reduce their handicap score. The competition runs from March - October each year.
  3. You can be part of the National Running Ladder and check out where your handicap puts you compared to every other runner in the UK, e.g. does your 5k time put you higher than your friend’s half marathon and marathon times?
  4. You can find out where your times put you in the official UK road rankings as well as in your age group and postcode.
  5. You can log your training mileage, watch your progress graph rise and check out head-to-heads with your training partners.

All the information you need is on the runbritain rankings site. Sign up today and see if you can be our 60,000th claimant!