A parkrun update: canine friends and cancellations!

parkruns have many distinctive features but perhaps one of their most visible is that they have always allowed runners with dogs to take part at most of their events.


However, their “dogs welcome” policy has always been dependent on every dog runner taking full responsibility for their dogs and acting in a sensible fashion.

The parkrun policy states that dogs should be under firm control, kept on a short lead or harness, and extreme care taken to avoid tripping other runners. There have been a number of incidents recently where it has become apparent that some dog runners have not been adhering to this rule and as a result, the parkrun team are seriously considering a ban in the light of the recent incidents.

So, parkrunners, please follow the parkrun guidance which is there to protect the safety of all runners, volunteers, members of the public and the dogs themselves.

The rules apply to all types of lead or harness (whether that is a traditional lead and collar or canicross style harness). The local volunteer teams are responsible for operating their events safely and so all dog runners must follow their guidance.

Additionally, a small number of parkrun events are not able to permit runners with dogs; this may be because of local bye-laws, or because of local conditions. If that’s the case at your local event, please do not run with your dog!

Cancellations and course changes

*Ashton Court parkrun is cancelled due to Brisfest

*Medina (I.o.W) parkrun is to be held at the alternate Appley Park in Ryde for the rest of September and throughout October.