Advice on micronutrients

Fruit juice out,dried fruit in for runners 5 a day!

Whilst Vitimin D will be abundant in the long summer days and vital for our immunity system, other nutrients need to be included to optimise training through quality nutrition.

Now that races are resuming, it is time to take your runner's diet seriously again. To remind you on what to put into your tank and support your training we have published the article, four essential micronutrients, in our runrobustly section on the training pages.

As a runner, certain micronutrients are particularly important for your exercise performance and health. Your requirement for vitamins C and D, as well as iron and zinc, may well be higher than that of non-runners. Therefore not only is it important to understand the relevant role that these micronutrients play, but also where they can be sourced from the diet and when additional help from supplements may be needed.

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