All eyes on Bristol


The runbritain Grand Prix standings have now been updated after the second race that took place at the Bupa London 10000 on Monday and so all eyes are now on race number 3 that is at the Bristol 10k on Sunday.

John Beattie (handicap -5.0) is now top of the men's table after competing in the first two races of the series and he is also on the start list for Bristol. He is currently more than 100 points ahead of Ian Kimpton (handicap -5.3) and more than 200 points ahead of Ben Lindsay (handicap-5.1) who have also done the first two races but neither Ian nor Ben have entered Bristol and so it is looking likely that John will extend his early lead further. His current score is 793.

The women's competition is a much more closely fought affair, Faye Fullerton (handicap -0.2) went into the lead with 492 points after Reading and London and she is closely followed by last year's Grand Prix champion, Emma Stepto (handicap -0.7) with 486 points and Georgie Bruinvels (handicap 0.2) with 485 points. However, Faye's place at the top will be short-lived as both Emma and Georgie are on the start list for Bristol but Faye is missing this race.

Rachel Felton (handicap -0.2) and Elle Vernon (handicap  -0.7) could also move themselves further up at Bristol. They finished 6th and 7th respectively at London (245 and 244 points) but hadn't run at Reading and so are currently 34th and 35th on the table. They are both due to start on Sunday.

After this third race, the majority of runners, on the table, will have two races under their belts with a few at the top who will have done all three.

Grand Prix points are awarded for the first 250 finishing positions in the six races that are in the series. 250 points are awarded to the first British finisher, down to 1 point for the 250th British finisher and there are extra points available for fast times. Up to the best four scores from the six available races count at the end of the series. If the athlete scores points in less than four Grand Prix events, their best two, three or single score will count towards the final standings. Prize money totals £18,000 and is shared by the top 10 male and female British runners at the end of the series.

Are you running at Bristol and will you get yourself on the table? Position number 250 in the men's race at the Bupa 10000 went to Christian Poulton (handicap 2.4) who ran the 10k course in 37:04, gaining him 1 point.  We currently don't have the name of the 250th woman but 249 was Pam Ella (handicap 12.8) who covered the course in 45:55 and this gave her 2 points.