Anna Neufeld is the 60,000th handicap claimant!

The runbritain rankings system

Anna Neufeld (handicap 8.3) is runbritain's 60,00th handicap claimant and will receive a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor for helping us to reach this milestone!

Anna has been racing regularly in the Manchester and Cheshire area for over a year now and, this weekend, made the great decision to claim her (extremely good) handicap after running 21:02 at the Heaton parkrun on Saturday! As she clicked the tab to 'Claim your Handicap' she became our 60,000th runner to do so!

Anna's runbritain profile started in August 2014 when she ran the South Manchester parkrun and registered a score of 16.9. Regular racing and gradual improvements in performance have seen that score gradually reduce to where it is today on 8.3.

runbritain's revolutionary handicap scoring system (a bit like a golf handicap!) is designed to give distance runners, of all levels, the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains. The system rewards good performances but also factors in the degree of difficulty for slower courses as well as rewarding regular racing and so, to prevent your handicap from slipping you need to turn out regularly for races or parkruns.

Well done Anna - We look forward to seeing how low you can go with your score!

If you haven't already done it, claim your handicap score without delay. The results from the weekend are mostly in and the biggest races this weekend were:

Conwy Half Marathon - 2,458 finishers

City of Norwich Half Marathon - 2,327* (Not yet processed)

Start Fitness NE XC League - 1,478 finishers

Matthew Walker 10K - 869 finishers

Scottish East District XC - 863 finishers

Adnams Southwold 10K - 749 finishers

Bushy parkrun - 711 finishers

Did you race in one of these races or any other? Do you know what your handicap score is? Claim it today and we can start working towards 70,000!!

* From race website: Regrettably, an equipment malfunction immediately before the race start caused the loss of several hundred start times and if this affects you then we apologise unreservedly.....The results will be confirmed on Friday 27 November. ?