Back to back is the 'Way' for two Steves!

steve way

Both Steven Way (handicap - 3.1) and Stephen Scullion (handicap - 5.0) recorded back to back wins recently.   

Steve Way won his second event at the BHF Bournemoutth Half Marathon having won the open 50km at Redwick in 2:58:03 previously. Stephen Scullion had a weekend double at the SPAR Omagh Half Marathon and again at the Titantic 10k in Belfast. 

Dani Nimmock (handicap -0.4) was the female winner at the ASICS Manchester Marathon in 2:38:22 (chip) in 31st place overall. Julie Briscoe (handicap 0.4) was the W40 winner in 2:41:36. Ben Johnson (handicap -4.0) was the top British runner in 2nd place with 2:25:04 with M40, Steve Bateson (handicap -1.7) finishing in 2:26:45 for 4th place.  

Other highlights included Queens University Student, Emma Mitchell (handicap -0.6), from Banbride in Northern Ireland, finishing as the best of the British at the Commonwealth Games in the 10 000 metres event in a national record of 32:49.91.  

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