Ballsy performances gives Ed a handicap score of 30.2

The runbritain rankings system

After losing his seat at the election, former shadow chancellor and runner, Ed Balls (handicap 30.2), has told the BBC that he will spend more time "cooking, running, playing the piano" and this may mean more racing and a lowering his current handicap score.

Ed has been as low as 28.8 when he ran 4:57:40 at the Virgin London Marathon in 2014 but he tends to just concentrate on racing in the spring at the London Marathon and the Wakefield Hospice 10k and this means that his handicap creeps up to as much as 33.7 during his non-racing season. The handicap scoring system rewards regular racing and so, to attack his handicap score, Ed will need to start racing more regularly.

He is currently on 30.2 after running 59:48 at the Wakefield Hospice 10k in March. He was actually given 29.8  after that performance but it is now slipping with no performances in April or May.

Come on Ed! Let's see you on the start line more frequently with the extra time you now have!