Before filling up with Christmas turkey - register for your 2015 races!

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...and to  save those precious pennies that can be better put towards new kit/new running shoes or accessories for 2015, make sure you use our online entry system that is completely FREE for the runner.

In 2014 to date, almost 100,000 runners have saved a cumulative £124,897 on race entry charges using runbritain's online entry system, benefitting from entering their races at NO EXTRA COST. All they have paid is the entry fee. This number has already surpassed the 66,403 who used it in 2013. In addition, 500 races using the system has surpassed the 359 races that used it in 2013. The only charge incurred is the card charge which averages 60p per entry that goes directly to the card companies. Card charges are deducted at source and the balance of the entry fee is then transferred to the race.

With the end if the year almost upon us, it's time to set your 2015 targets and plan your 2015 races. Check out our race calendar for your favourite races and the option to enter online for no cost other than the entry fee!

Have a fabulous Christmas and may all your 2015 pbs come to fruition!