Biggest events of last weekend

nott half marathon start

Last weekend saw many races cancelled with icy weather, but there were still more events with large numbers on terra firma.

The biggest of these included numerous parkruns, with the Bushy event being the biggest. Is it the fastest parkrun in the country? Our stacticians have been on the case and we'll reveal those that are deemed faster based on their SSS later in the week. 

The biggest events for last weekend were:


  Bushy parkrun  -

 1,029 finishers

  Bovington 14  -

 677* finishers

  Southampton parkrun -

 578 finishers

  Worcester parkrun -

 530 finishers

  Bovington Marathon -

 526* finishers

  Loftus Poultry Run 8 -


* Provisional 

For those looking for training plans for your targeted events, see our training wizard designed by elite coaches Jackie Newton (handicap 9.2) and Bashir Hussain (handicap 3.8).


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