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Club runners

We've been busy having a look at all the stats and data from your races and performances over the first part of 2014 and think you will be interested to compare your times and your frequency of racing to Mr. and Mrs. Average.

First of all - how do your times for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon compare to the median times below?

Median Times

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Men 24:51  
Women 29:58  
Men 49:38  
Women 59:11  
Half Marathon
Men 1:51:26  
Women 2:08:19  
Men 4:08:30  
Women 4:40:54  

And secondly, how often do you put yourself on the start line of a race or parkrun?

Most prolific racers

In just 27 weeks so far this year, some people have managed to rack up an extraordinary number of performances so far:
68 races - Hannah Oldroyd (Handicap 3.4)
66 races - Steve Darby (Handicap 2.5)
66 races - Barrington Mudd (Handicap 19.9)
All 3 mixing a wide range of distances.

The median number of races for people who have competed so far in 2014 is a more achievable 3 however.

How do you compare?

Also of interest:

Busiest weeks

Here's a graph showing the number of performances recorded each week so far this year
Number of Performances

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All data taken on 14 July - may no longer be accurate as new data has been added.