Brighton Half Marathon 2012 distance acknowledgement

Race Organisers of the Brighton Half Marathon have acknowledged today (Monday 20th February) that due to human error the course was extended to a total distance of 13.42 miles.

 The Race Organisers have confirmed that ‘The Brighton Half Marathon is a UKA licensed course measuring exactly 13.1 miles, we have however received feedback from various runners that the total distance measured on their training devices showed a distance of over 13.1 miles. We can now confirm after investigation that the total distance covered by each runner in the Brighton Half Marathon on 19 February 2012 was 13.42 miles. This has been investigated and is human error due to a misplaced turnaround between mile 4 and 5.’

 The Race Director said: ‘We take full responsibility for this human error and would like to issue our most sincere apologies to all the runners who experienced disappointment over this. We have taken all feedback into account, we will be implementing some new additional measures ready for the 2013 race to prevent this from happening again.’

 Action has been taken to amend the runners' times on the Brighton Half Marathon website, taking the extra distance into account. This are live on today in the results section. Runners handicap scores will not be affected though as the sophisticated algorithm automatically takes into account difficult or long courses as well as the weather. Last year's Brighton Half Marathon had an SSS score of 0.0 and this year it is 1.2 so the handicap scores are fair recognition of each runner's performance on the day.

The Brighton Half Marathon is a hugely successful event with this year seeing blue skies and sunshine, welcoming 7,427 runners to the 22nd edition of the race. The Brighton Half Marathon had been growing steadily over the last couple of years and the 2012 race sold out in record time with all 10,500 places snapped up by 18th November 2011.

 The Brighton Half Marathon organisers hope that their sincere apologies to all the runners will be accepted along with amendments to the runners' times and measures to prevent repetition of this in future races. Please go to for further details and to see the adjusted times.

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