Brownlee brothers set lowest scores of the week at Chevin Chase 7

Chevin Chase

The Boxing Day Chevin Chase 7 produced the week’s top two road performances in the UK and also the sixth (joint).

Olympic triathlon champion, Alistair Brownlee (handicap 6.5) was first across the line at this year's Chevin Chase 7 in a time of 37:03 with brother and Olympic bronze medallist, Jonny (handicap -0.4), 24 seconds behind in 2nd. The brothers occasionally turn out for road and off-road races although Alistair hasn't recorded a performance for his runbritain handicap score since April 2013 and so his handicap score has gradually slipped but this performance knocked 6.1 off the score to put it at 6.5. Jonny has also raced sparsely but has run (and won) the Chevin Chase in 2010, 11, 12 and 13 and put in several other performances in between and so has managed to keep his handicap score below 5 and this race put it back below scratch. The net scores for Alistair's and Jonny's performances on Boxing Day were -5.4 and -5.1 respectively. Tom Adams (handicap -1.8) finished 3rd in the race in a time of 38:07 that gave him a net score of -4.4 and knocked 0.8 off his previous best score.

The lowest female score to be set over the last week was Charlotte Purdue (handicap -1.3) for her 16:24 5km time at the Bushy Park parkrun on Christmas Day. This time was worth a net score of  -1.1 and knocked 0.2 off her previous score.

The Ribble Valley 10k produced three of the top ten men's and two of the top ten women's performances from the last week. John Beattie (handicap -4.9) won the race in 30:01 that gave him a net score of -4.5 and the 5th best men's performance of the week, Derek Hawkins (handicap -4.9) finished 2nd in 30:06 with a net score of -4.4 for joint 6th and Simon Deakin (handicap -3.0) finished 3rd in the race in 30:28 with a net score of -4.0 for 10th.

Rebecca Robinson (handicap -0.5) was the first female finisher at the Ribble Valley 10k. She ran the course in 33:54 that gave her a net score of -0.2 and put her 4th for the week . Alison Lavender (handicap 0.7) finished 2nd in 34:36 with a net score of 0.6 and this put her 5th for the week.

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