Bushy parkrun achieves largest Christmas Day turnout

santa running

With plenty of runners opting for an organised run before Christmas Dinner, Bushy parkrun grabs the headlines by attracting its largest ever Christmas Day field with 2,011 runners and following it up with 1,405 on Saturday. These two events took the two top spots in our 'big six' for the previous week!

The performance of the week is also awarded to a parkrun runner - Alex Yee (handicap -5.9) ran 13:57 for the 5km course at Dulwich on Saturday, This was the second fastest ever to Andy Baddeley's (handicap 3.7) 13:48 that he set in 2012.

Meanwhile, there was an impressive turnout at the Ribble Valley 10k, on Sunday, with Marc Scott (handicap -6.2) and Beth Potter (handicap 1.6) running fast times (28:58 and 32:07 resepectively) to help improve their running handicap scores. Beth knocked a full 1.0 from her time whilst Marc's relatively modest 0.1 improvement gave him a comfortable win ahead of New Balance Manchester athlete, Jonny Mellor.(handicap -5.8) . This is another great performance from Marc who  has enjoyed a run of good form  that includes a 9th place at the recent European Cross Country Championships. 

The big six events with results in so far are:

Bushy parkrun (Christmas Day) - 2,011 finishers

Bushy parkrun (29/12) - 1,405 - finishers

Ribble Valley 10K - 1,306 finishers

Chevin Chase 7 - 1,169 finishers

Norwich parkrun (Christmas Day) - 1,104 finishers

Saltwood Boxing Day 3 - 1,061 finishers* 

* Provisional  

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