Calling all past winners of the Hastings Half Marathon!

Hastings half

The launch of the 2014 Hastings Half Marathon has taken place at the Spire Sussex Hospital and the organisers are keen to contact all past winners for the event's 30th anniversary.

The organisers are working hard to have as many previous runners as possible, especially those who ran the first ever Hastings Half Marathon in 1985 and have as many past winners as possible.

Previous Winners Derek Stevens(1985 and 1986) and Caroline Horne(1985 and 1997) were at the launch and confirmed that they WILL run it again in 2014 (although Derek Stevens said he would only run it if race director Eric Hardwick also ran it again)!

Also in attendance were Neil Bates and Sylvia Huggett,who have completed all 29 Events so far. On one occasion Neil even managed to run it  very soon after Heart Surgery.

To date,  Paul Davies Hale (1989,1990), Paul Evans (1991), Eamonn Martin (1993), Ben Fish (2010), Derek Stevens (1985, 1986) and Caroline Horne (1985, 1997) have said they would run it again next year.

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Over 3 million pounds has been raised through this event so far and the organisers are aiming for  £5 million for next year. Can you help to raise this total? Click here for more information.