Callum Hawkins reflects on his training for Tokyo

Callum Hawkins

Third on the UK all-time marathon list and twice a fourth-place finisher at the World Championships, Callum Hawkins is one of the world's best over 26.2 miles (42km).

Hawkins (running handicap -6.8) made his Olympic debut at Rio 2016, finishing ninth in what was only his third career marathon, and has since lowered his personal best from 2:10:52 to qualify for those Games to 2:08:14 following a scintillating run in London in 2019.

His medal attempt at those World Championships in Qatar was one of the most captivating of the British team as he ran his own race and appeared to have timed a push towards the podium to perfection.

The 27-year-old was in the mix in the final kilometres but just missed out following the long kick to the finish and place an agonising fourth again, clocking his fourth fastest time over 26.2 miles – 2:10:57 – despite the extremely hot and humid conditions.

The Olympic marathon in Tokyo is expected to be similarly hot and prompted a move 800km further north to Sapporo with Hawkins, investing in a set up at home to mimic the heat and humidity in order to be as best prepared as he can for both.

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