Charlie Holmes running 140 miles in 14 days for young Liam


Charlie has a JustGiving page to raise a target for Liam Scott, a 4 year old boy who has a rare condition of cancer called high-risk neuroblastoma.

Charlie explains "Liam has fought through months of intense chemotherapy which involved regular weekly blood and platelet transfusions due to its intensity. During his treatment, he suffered numerous infections from the chemotherapy making him continuously neutropenic. These infections kept him in hospital for most of this part of his treatment. Liam needs treatment by August for specialist treatment and a total amount £232,000 is the target.  Liam's parents so far have raised £28,227 so we need people to be as generous as possible cause we haven't got a lot of time to raise this money and Liam's life is going to depend on it.

I'm going to commit to running 140 miles in 14 days consecutively starting Monday 27th April 2020. Because of COVID-19 I'm going to be running on the running machine with a live stream everyday!!

Sponsorship and sharing the link across social media and in person and on the phone is important for Liam!"  

Holmes is running 140 miles over 14 days and live-streaming his efforts on Instagram.

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PLEASE HELP via this Just Giving link