Christmas running plans


With just two more days to Christmas, are you looking forward to the Christmas parties and food or the extra miles you can get in - or both?!

For many runners, Christmas provides an opportunity to put in a few more miles on quieter roads or trails, in the daylight and it also allows more time to recover. A quick reminder of how training works:

Overload (put in some quality training) + Recover = Adaptation (the body mending itself to be stronger than it was before)

So it's time to plan how you will execute that equation.

Many people will have more days where it will be possible, during the day time, to train and also have time to rest or nap a little and cook healthy food and so you could possibly run a little further or a little faster than you normally would but always being mindful that any increase in training load is sensible, that you only do what your body is strong enough to handle and that you stick to the general rule of thumb that an easy day follows a hard day.

The other factor to consider is whether you are racing during the Christmas period. There are plenty of races to choose from and you may benefit from an easy training day before any race that you want to do well in.

Whenever, wherever and whatever you do we hope you have a lovely Christmas time! Leave a message on our facebook page to tell us where you went, what you did and how it went!