#clickyourclock if you can take the lead from David!

David England

Did you race this weekend? This is the final week of the 2015 #clickyourclock competition so make sure you click on your result before 12 o' clock to be in with a chance of winning a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor!

From those results that are in, the biggest races, last week, were:

Morrisons Great Birmingham Half Marathon - 12,244 finishers

Great West Half Marathon - 2,822 finishers

Bright 10 - 1,737 finishers

River Thames Half Marathon - 1,261 finishers

Bushy parkrun - 989 finishers

Gr8 Dundrum 8.85 MMT - 839 finishers

The Morrisons Great Birmingham Half Marathon was the biggest race of the weekend by far and was won by Chris Thompson (handicap -4.0) in 63:00. Chris took a huge 1.1 from his handicap score and his delight was obvious, as he crossed the line, demonstrating that he is well and truly back. Chris had a long lay off after last year's Virgin London Marathon where he ran 2:11.19 and had a handicap score of   -6.2. That score slipped to -1.2 before he started back on the circuit in August this year.

The #clickyourclock competition is currently being led by David England (handicap 21.1) who has also been making great strides recently. David ran his third Jersey parkrun on Saturday and took a huge 3.3 from his score, which is a 6.79% improvement. He registered his first performance in March 2014, at the Silverstone Half Marathon, where he got a score of 23.3, and then had a long lay-off until getting going again in 2015.

The competition isn't over until 12 o' clock though and some of you have yet to #clickyourclock. Did you improve your % score by more than David?  #clickyourclock before 12 o' clock when the competition finishes for the year!