#clickyourclock opens Saturday 28th February


We are pleased to announce that the newly formatted 2015 Reward Running Competition (in association with Polar), #clickyourclock, will be launched very soon. 

Every week, from this weekend, the results of all runbritain-licensed events (including parkruns) that have been uploaded by 12 noon on Wednesday will have a final additional column, that conceals a clock, alongside your result.

Underneath, it will have the percentage improvement or increase on your runbritain handicap score from that race result and this will be revealed when you click your clock.

The runbritain handicap score works like a golf handicap. It ranges from MINUS 7 (Mo Farah) to 36.00 and changes every time you complete a runbritain licensed event, including parkruns.

Regular racing is rewarded in the weighting of the score and you don’t have to run a personal best time to improve. If it was a hilly, windy or multi-terrain course, this will be factored in, with a degree of difficulty attributed to the net score.

To claim your runbritain handicap score it’s completely free. Your biog page will tell you your best distance and your position on the National Running Ladder. The biog even gives you a head-to-head comparison with other runners and your ranking by age band and region.

When your results appear, next week, all you have to do is ‘click your clock’ on the results sheet to find out your percentage improvement or increase in that race. The top 10 leaderboard will be displayed until the competition closes at precisely 12 noon each Wednesday from 4th March until October. The most improved runner by percentage will win a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

Polar FT4 Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Key features:

 Target Zone shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate

  • Shows calories burnt during and after the training session. See also the estimated amount of fat (%) burnt as an energy source.
  • Prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors.
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate (% / beats per minute)
  • Average and maximum heart rate of total exercise 
  • Total training summary
  • User changeable battery
  • Time of day

Claim your handicap now and be ready to #clickyourclock after your race this weekend!