#clickyourclock on last week's race results


Have you raced in the last week? There were many runners gaining personal best times with improved handicap scores and a good chance of winning the #clickyourclock competition for this week.

Most of the results are now in. Make sure you #clickyourclock on yours before 9 o' clock on Thursday morning to be in with a chance of winning a Polar OH1 — Optical Heart Rate Sensor in the weekly #clickyourclock competition for the 2019 summer. 

Top of the leaderboard is Jon Pearson  (handicap 7.0) who has had a great  5.514 improvement in his running handicap after his 20:06 Harrogate parkrun over the weekend. It is great to see this improvement!

Teresa Blundell (handicap 30.0) has made the best improvement of the women with her 33:02 at the Rugby parkrun and dropped her running handicap by an impressive 1.187. 

There are lots of results that have clocks to be clicked!

Remember - the #clickyourclock competition is still  a regular weekly running competition!

To enter, register for your running handicap score and then simply #clickyourclock on your result from this week.  All those that improve their handicap score are entered into our random draw to win the prize of a Polar OH1 — Optical Heart Rate Sensor.

More #clickyourclock details are on this link

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