#clickyourclock on your recent race results

Click your clock

Did you race this weekend? Many of the results are rolling in. Make sure you #clickyourclock on yours before 0830hrs on Thursday morning to be in with a chance of winning a Polar FT1 heart rate monitor in our weekly #clickyourclock competition. 

With plenty of races to pick from last week there are lots of results that have clocks to be clicked! Some of the bigger races were:  

Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half Marathon          - 7,474  finishers 

English Half Marathon                                        - 3,157 *  finishers 

Belfast Half Marathon                                          - 3,073 finishers 

Richmond RUNFEST Half Marathon                  - 2,607 * finishers ?

Kew Gardens 10K                                               - 2,314 * finishers 

Worcester City 10K                                              - 2,033 finishers 


* Provisional data 


Kurtis Gibson (handicap -1.0) is currently at the top of the leader board after his 55:49 PB for fourth place overall at the Leighton 10' in Leighton Buzzard last week. An outstanding improvement of 3.320 on his handicap score! Well done Kurtis ! 

There are currently more than 470 runners on the leader board with 228 who have improved their handicap score over the previous seven days. They will all be entered into the prize draw for the Polar FT1 Heart Rate monitor along with anyone else who clicks their clock and sees an improvement from their race this weekend.


Did you improve your score this week? Is so, be sure to #clickyourclock before 0830hrs on Thursday morning when the competition finishes for this week.

Remember any one who improves their score has an equal chance of winning - good luck!